Friday, May 13, 2011

Vision of Hope

My daughter was named an Irish name that means Vision of Hope. I was inspired by this name as I believe that my family as well as the entire world needs a Vision Of Hope.

My wife was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer that took her life in about nine months. She died and I was left with my two little children. This coming Sept 19th will be the two year anniversary of her death. There have been some amazing miracles that I want to share because I believe that they revolve around a tremendous Vision of Hope!!! When she was diagnosed she told a few of us that she really hoped to be healed but if she died she wanted it to be on the Feast of Trumpets. The Feast of Trumpets is a Holy day that we keep that envisions a resurrection that will occur at the return of Jesus Christ. My wife died on that very day!!! Did she loose the battle against Breast Cancer? Not at all! She will be raised up at the sound of that final Trumpet! And she will be healed! 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 (King James Version)

Since her death It's been somewhat of a challenge just being able to focus to where I can do a good job at everything. I lost my job last summer because I just was not able to physically keep up with work and taking care of my two children. Yet I have managed so far to get by, thanks to the moral support and prayers from friends and family. Yet I'm somewhat disgruntled by the fact that I'm only just able to get by. Trying to be careful not to complain because I know that my situation could be far worse. We don't have to look very far in this world to see how bad things can get! At first people offered to help but I tried to work things out myself, I don't know why, maybe because of pride. It has been a mental roller coaster and I beat myself up a lot. I know my wife was a gift from God. And my job was also a gift and one that my wife specifically prayed for! I lost them both with in the same year! Thankfully I have my children and they are a part of what keeps me plugging away.

My daughter is my little Vision of Hope. She is also an Irish dancer and a singer. It was one of my tenebrous moments while I was trying to figure out rocket science when I over heard my daughter singing out really loud in the shower, it was the Taylor Swift song, "What you've been looking for has been here the whole time." My daughter has a lot of talent. Maybe I should put more focus on helping her grow in those talents! She sang another solo song one night for entertainment night, it was the Scorpions song, "Wind of Change." I liked the song and asked her to sing it last summer when she was ten, she only had one day to practice it and she did very well! This world is sick and needs to be healed, it needs a wind of change. Christ will return soon and usher in world peace that will heal the entire world! What can I do to personally help give the world "that" Vision of Hope? My daughters dance class is getting ready to go to a tournament on the 29th. Here again I beat myself up and ask myself is there something that I can do to help her get the most out of her lessons? Should I swallow my pride and ask for help? Maybe I'll try it and see what happens. I'll put a donate tab on the upper right hand corner of my blog for anybody who'd like to give to this cause. Plus I think I'm going to redo my Etsy account, to simplify things for now. I'm going try to promote the little blue "twitter" birds. But now I think I'll put plaid ribbons on the birds...Because we're Scottish! Please go see the twitter listing (on right hand column) and tweet it! Help it make lots of noise!!! (There is a twitter tab located on the listing)

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